Friday, February 10, 2012

Miss Brenna Sue

I cannot believe my little Brenna is already 7 months old!

I find myself looking at photos of her and thinking, where did my little baby girl go? She is getting so big and grown up. She can sit up on her own, say daddy, stick her tounge out, headbutt and enjoys spitting.      

I love my Miss Brenna Sue!

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Friday, January 6, 2012


It has almost been two weeks on my diet and I am happy to say the pounds are slowly starting to go away!! I started out at a shocking 190 and almost two weeks in I am down to 184.8. This is still not anywhere near the weight I want but I excited to see that the pounds can go away with a little work and dedication.

I have been soda free since starting my diet. The first week was really hard not to have a soda, now that were i in the second week, I have found that it is not a temptation anymore. It is amazing now to look back and see how much I REALLY needed that soda before. My happiness depended on it. I am so glad I kicked that habit.

I have been trying to eat better as well. I still find this hard to do. Sometimes the fresh vegtables and fruits just don't look appealing and I crave the potato chips and dip. I am doing good so far keeping to the good stuff for the majority of the time and allowing myself the couple of chips.

I have faithfully started running again. Pre-Preganacy I ran ALL the time. After having Brenna, I found it hard to make the time to run. I ran here and there but nothing that was consistant. Now, I am making myself get out there with Brenna in the stoller, and run AT LEAST 5 days a week. I can tell that running gets easier and easier everyday and I can run faster and longer each day. My running speed is still nothing to be proud of, but I am glad am out there getting back into it. Brenna loves running time to which makes it super easy for me to get out there and do this everyday. :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Your Fat...Go On A Diet!"

When your pregnant, gaining weight and being big is okay. Post pregnancy being big and over weight is not okay. Nobody thinks your cute anymore and you really don't feel good when trying to squeeze into jeans. I'm done with the extra weight! I don't feel good when I look at myself in the mirror and the task of finding something to wear in the morning is miserable.

Friends and family always say, "you look great!" but I know I don't. A random man walking across the crosswalk in front of my car Monday morning confirmed this. He yelled out that I was fat and needed to go on a diet.... Along with several other lovely words. After hearing this, I kinda went numb. This was the first time I had ever been called fat. No tears came... Just guilt and anger that I had kept this weight for so long.

I weighed 130 pounds when I got married. My last appointment at the doctors before Brenna arrived, I weighed 220. I had gained close to 100 pounds with my pregnancy. After having Brenna, nursing didn't work out and the weight just didn't come off. I have been to scared to weigh myself since my last doctors appointment, 6 weeks after having Brenna. I weighed 190. That leaves me to still loose a whopping 60 pounds!

I started a better diet Monday December 26th. No more sugar! This means soda has to go. I'm starting to eat breakfast and then eat small meals/snacks every 3-4 hours. I'm focusing on eating fresh fruits and canned or frozen.

I am hopeful that I can loose these extra pounds and start to feel like myself again. I want to fit back in my clothes again, I want to feel like Melinda again.

Been A While

Well I'm not a very good blogger. It's been many months since I checked in. Hopefully this next year I do better.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mrs. O'Barr, Are you pregnant?

I have been student teaching in a 7th grade math classroom since July 2010. I will be finished student teaching the end of this school year, May 2011.

When I first started student teaching the students knew me as Miss Whitney. It wasn't until the Thursday before October break I told them that I would not be there the next day because I was going to be getting married. I explained that when we came back from October break I would no longer be Miss Whitney but would be Mrs. O'Barr. Students were excited for me and had a million and one questions. It was the biggest disturbance to the classroom I have ever seen.

So, when I found out I was pregnant, I waited a couple of weeks and then decided only to tell my mentor teacher. I felt that she needed to know so that as she sees me come in looking and acting sick, she would know I was not spreading some horrible disease by staying at school at teaching.

I did not tell my students that I was pregnant for several reasons....

  1. My marriage news was such a disturbance and caused a million questions, I could only imagine what      it would be like telling them I was pregnant. Oh, I could see the dreaded birds and bees questions being asked and me squirming and trying not to laugh as I tried to answer and dodge questions at the same time. 
  2. Since I am not due till July, I knew I would be getting rather BIG and pregnant looking before school was out. I really wanted to see how the students would react to seeing me get BIG and not knowing that I was pregnant. Kinda of a cruel, personal, mini science experiment for myself to see how this age group would react. 

Well it happened on Thursday. I was exactly 14 weeks and had quite the baby bump going. I had noticed a couple days earlier that there were several students who kept staring at me and my belly all period long. I knew that were suspicious and wondered how they would handle it. That Thursday, we had just gotten the all clear call for the lock down and students were getting up off the ground and going back to their seats. One of my girl students approached me and dropped the question with no hesitation.
"Mrs. O'Barr. Are you pregnant?" 

I refrained from laughing and kept a straight face and the following conversation took place. 

Me:          "Why do you ask? Do I look fat?" 
Student:   "Yes...I mean kinda of...I mean not really. I mean, your clothes have been getting kinda of tight and then today you are wearing really loose clothing."

I couldn't help it. I had a huge grin on my face and even started to laugh. I just smiled at the student and asked her to have a seat so we could continue the lesson.

Even at 7th grade, students are very observant and are very honest in what they say. 

Friday, January 14, 2011


All of a sudden all I can think about is eating hot dogs. 
Hot dogs covered it mustard and smothered in onions. 

Even more strange..... 

I think bananas are the best food on the face of the planet. 
I can't get enough bananas. 
I have one for breakfast, one during plan period at school, one for lunch, one during sixth hour at school, and one before bed. 
It's an addiction! 

Now for those of you who don't know.... I have never been a hot dog person... and I ABSOLUTELY HATE BANANAS!!!!

Stephen on the other hand loves both hot dogs and bananas. He thinks they are essential to life.  

There is no doubt that this is Stephen's child. Now Stephen's waiting with anticipation to the day when I crave watermelon... another food that I think is disgusting. PLEASE... PLEASE.... little baby...don't make me eat watermelon too. 

2nd Trimester

Thank goodness for the 2nd Trimester. 
We are now at 14 weeks and one day. 
No more being sick and miserable. 
Hello my long lost friend ENERGY!